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Matt Diaz Chat Wrap

Atlanta Braves outfielder Matt Diaz participated in a Q&A with fans on ESPN's Sports Nation. Here is a wrap of the more interesting questions and answers (some of which were asked by TC'ers). Here is a link to the entire chat.

Q:  Are you rooting for the phillies or against them since they ar in your division?

Matt Diaz:  It's hard to explain, but I really don't root during hte playoffs. I've invested so much emotions during the regular season, I don't give much emotion during the playoffs.

Q:  Are you still reading the Science of Hitting by Ted Williams before every season?

Matt Diaz:  I don't do it any more, but I did it literally every year between 9th grade and my sophomore year of college. I made four different book reports on it for teachers who hadn't seen how skinny it was.

Q:  Matt: Big Braves fan up here in Yankee/Phillies Country. Where do you feel most comfortable playing: LF or RF?

Matt Diaz:  I grew up a catcher. Went to college a catcher. the first outfield position I played was right field, so I feel more comfortable there. But I feel longterm, I'll play more left field.

Q:  Matt can you tell us whats it like playing for by far the best coach in the game today?

Matt Diaz:  Bobby is unbelieveable. He has a reputation of being a players manager and it's true. My first time shaking my hand, he said, I've seen your film and I think you can help us. For a guy that had been sent down to the minor leagues 3-4 times before, that gave me all the confidence in the world.

Q:  Bobby seems like he is always cool on the bench until he explodes can you as a player see when he is about to blow up and know when he will do it

Matt Diaz:  He only explodes at umpires, so it never really comes at players. Yes, you can feel it coming. If a player of Bobby's is on the field and arguing a call and feels they were wronged in a call, you know Bobby will run to his defense.

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