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The Atlanta Braves Weekly Wrap

Here's a look at the major stories in the world of the Atlanta Braves for the week ending on October 25th:

Tomahawk_exsm_medium  In the Press...

  • There were some suggestions by beat writers David O'Brien and Mark Bowman about the off-season direction the Braves will take.
  • Talking Chop first reported that Jason Heyward was sidelined with a leg injury, which was later reported by the site.
  • The Braves "got the ball rolling" on contract extension talks with Tim Hudson.
  • The Braves hired another former member of the Orioles front office. 
  • The AJC reported that Martin Prado is likely going to be the Braves 2010 opening day second baseman.

Tomahawk_exsm_medium At Talking Chop...

Tomahawk_exsm_medium Notable FanPosts and FanShots...

  • GoBravesNY told us about prospect Jeff Lyman's Arizona Fall League blog, and cbwilk told us about L.V. Ware's blog.
  • justincredubil02 informed everyone how to get free Braves merchandise.
  • Dale Murphy for HOF gave us his top-5 best and top-5 worst Braves trades.
  • GoBravesNY asked everyone what their screen names meant, mine (gondeee) is a play on my last name, Gandy.
  • PWHjort expanded upon a link from the USS Mariner about roster construction theory.

Tomahawk_exsm_mediumUpcoming Events...

  • The first ever Brian McCann Celebrity Softball Game is set for November 13th... details here. We're making this a bit of a Talking Chop outing, so everyone get your tickets!
  • The Gwinnett Braves have a whole slate of off-season events planned at their ballpark, the list is here.

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