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This Week's Schedule at Talking Chop: October 26 - November 1

This week we'll wrap up all the position player reviews and top prospects, and then the first week in November we'll tackle starting pitchers. Looking beyond next week; the second week in November we'll talk about the top minor league starting pitchers for the Braves, then the third week of November we'll deal with relievers, and finally to close out all of our season reviewing and prospecting, during Thanksgiving week we'll present the Talking Chop top-25 Braves prospects, with an opportunity at the end for everyone to submit their own.

That's a long look ahead, but we've done a fantastic job of sticking to the schedule so far, and I wanted to give everyone an idea of what was coming up. But this week, here's what's on tap:

Monday:  Season in Review:  CF Nate McLouth
Tuesday:  Season in Review:  CF Jordan Schafer
Wednesday:  Braves Top-5 Minor League Center Fielders
Thursday:  Center Field Round-Table Post
Friday:  Season in Review:  OF Matt Diaz; Season in Review:  OF Ryan Church
Saturday:  Braves Top-5 Minor League Right Fielders
Sunday:  Right Fielder Round-Table Post

As some point, we'll squeeze in the Left-Fielder Round Table post which got pushed due to other content yesterday.

Be sure to check back every day for new material.

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