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World Series, Game 3: Open Thread

Whole Camels takes the mound for the Phils, against the winningest pitching in post-season history.


New York Yankees @ Philadelphia Phillies

10/31/09 7:57 PM EDT

New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies
Derek Jeter - SS Jimmy Rollins - SS
Johnny Damon - LF Shane Victorino - CF
Mark Teixeira - 1B Chase Utley - 2B
Alex Rodriguez - 3B Ryan Howard - 1B
Jorge Posada - C Jayson Werth - RF
Robinson Cano - 2B Raul Ibanez - LF
Nick Swisher - RF Pedro Feliz - 3B
Melky Cabrera - CF Carlos Ruiz - C
Andy Pettitte - P Cole Hamels - P

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