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Off-Season Schedule at Talking Chop

If you thought there was nothing to talk about in the baseball off-season, then this must be your first year hanging out at Talking Chop. The off-season is generally one of the busiest times for baseball blogs, and this baseball blog in particular. We'll cover the hot stove league when it heats up, but before that gets going we will have a thorough review of the 2009 season with an eye towards looking ahead to 2010. The on-going season recap will also be interspersed with lots of prospect talk.

There will be at least one post up on Talking Chop everyday this off-season, so make sure you make this a daily stop this fall and winter.

Here is this week's schedule:

Monday:  Season MVP & LVP
Tuesday:  Top-5 Off-season Questions
Wednesday:  Braves Catcher Brian McCann:  2009 Season in Review
Thursday:  Braves Catcher David Ross:  2009 Season in Review
Friday:  Top-5 Braves Minor League Catchers
Saturday:  Braves First Baseman Adam LaRoche:  2009 Season in Review; LaRoche-Kotchman Trade Review
Sunday:  Top-5 Braves Minor League First Basemen

And of course if any other news pops up we'll have that here too.

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