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Baseball America releases their top-10 Braves prospects

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We get the second list this off-season of Atlanta Braves prospects, this one from Baseball America:

  1. Jason Heyward, of
  2. Freddie Freeman, 1b
  3. Julio Teheran, rhp
  4. Mike Minor, lhp
  5. Craig Kimbrel, rhp
  6. Christian Bethancourt, c
  7. Randall Delgado, rhp
  8. Zeke Spruill, rhp
  9. Cody Johnson, of
  10. Adam Milligan, of

Nice list. Unlike John Sickels, who gave us our first list this off-season, Baseball America ranks Cody Johnson appropriately, and not completely off the board. I also like the top-10 love their giving Adam Milligan -- I really like him and I think he has a good chance to be an impact prospect. Overall, this was a solid list.