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Talking Chop Top-25 Braves Prospects: 11-15

Atlanta Braves pitching prospect Edgar Osuna continues to improve as he moves up the minor league ladder.
Atlanta Braves pitching prospect Edgar Osuna continues to improve as he moves up the minor league ladder.

Our countdown of the top-25 prospects in the Atlanta Braves organization continues with #11 through #15:

11.  Edgar Osuna, LHSP :: B/T: L/L Born: 11/25/1987 Ht: 6'1" Wt: 165
Last Year's Talking Chop Rank:  17
The Skinny:  An international signee out of Mexico in 2004, he split the year between Myrtle Beach and Mississippi as a 21 year old, pitching better in the friendly confines of Trustman Park.
The Good:  Control. Osuna has pinpoint control on all of his pitches. He also throws 4 quality pitches including a devastating plus plus changeup that Baseball America ranks as the best in the Braves system. He will be just 22 years old next season and already in the high minors.
The Bad:  He doesn't throw hard at all. Topping out at 88-90 he doesn't have much room for error and he profiles like a lot of other soft tossing lefties who have gotten hitters out in the minors (but not necessarily the majors).
...In a perfect world... Osuna could be a back of the rotation starter if his stuff plays well in the upper levels. 
ETA:  He has an outside chance to debut in 2010 but look to 2011 for any significant role in Atlanta.
...for a full scouting report, go here.

12.  J.J. Hoover, RHSP :: B/T: R/R Born: 8/13/1987 Ht: 6'3" Wt: 215
Last Year's Talking Chop Rank:  NR
The Skinny:
Advanced college player excelled as Rome's workhorse this season.
The Good:
Big strong body makes him incredibly durable and allows him to work deep into games. Gets a lot of strikeouts with his sinking fastball. Has an advanced feel for pitching that has allowed him to dominate typically younger competition.
The Bad:
Is big and strong but doesn't have the ideal pitcher's body. Because he's older, he doesn't have much room for projection. Was a little too old for the level he played at, so numbers may look better than they should.
...In a perfect world...
he continues to excell and eat innings, tranfering that talent seamlessly into the middle of the Braves Major League rotation. His ground ball ability would also make him an ideal situational reliever.
Depending on how things shake out in Spring Training, he could start 2010 at Myrtle Beach or Mississippi. Expect to see him in Atlanta in 2012 if he stays a starter, 2011 if he converts to the bullpen.
...for a full scouting report, go here.

13.  Brett DeVall, LHSP :: B/T: L/L Born: 01/08/1990 Ht: 6'3" Wt: 215
Last Year's Talking Chop Rank:  16
The Skinny:  Former 1st round pick (supplemental) by the Braves missed most of his first full season due to an injury that he may or may not have had surgery for.
The Good: He possesses an ideal pitcher's frame and has the makings of 3 plus pitches with the chance to add more velocity to fastball that sits in the low 90s already.
The Bad:  Only pitched in 10 games this season before being shut down for the rest of the year with some sort of arm injury. Rumors persist that he had surgery but nothing has been confirmed.
...In a perfect world... DeVall has a ceiling as a #2 starter who could be an innings eater.
ETA:  Difficult to say with his injury right now. If he returns healthy he could get a call in late 2012 or 2013.
...for a full scouting report, go here.

T14.  Jose Ortegano, LHSP :: B/T: L/L Born: 08/05/1987 Ht: 6'1" Wt: 145
Last Year's Talking Chop Rank:  NR
The Skinny:  The 22-year old split time between Myrtle Beach and Mississippi posting a 2.83 ERA after struggling a little in Rome in 2008. He split time between starting and relieving in Myrtle Beach but started full time in Mississippi and really shined.
The Good:  Another lefty control guy, but also has better stuff than most other lefty control guys, which shows in his stronger component ratios. He possesses a good curve and change and has a heavy fastball that creates a lot of grounders.
The Bad:  He doesn't have a frame that appears conducive to starting full time and though his stuff is better than some of our other lefties it still isn't mind blowing.
...In a perfect world... Ortegano could settle into the back of a major league rotation or if there isn't a spot he could be at least LOOGY for a long time.
ETA:  With a good season you could see him in 2010, but 2011 is probably a safer bet.
...for a full scouting report, go here.

T14.  Dimaster Delgado, LHSP :: B/T: L/L Born: 03/03/1989 Ht: 6'2" Wt: 180
Last Year's Talking Chop Rank:  NR
The Skinny:  The 20 year old Panamanian was supposed to start the year in Danville but was so impressive in the instructional league they instead sent him to Rome where he continued to impress.
The Good:  Delgado was just 20 years old in the Sally League this year and managed to dominate at times. He has solid stuff now, but has a projectable body that could add more velocity down the line.
The Bad:  His current stuff ranks right there with Osuna and the other Braves lefties. He can't blow anyone away and his future rests completely on his ability to add some more velocity.
...In a perfect world...  He adds a couple of MPH to his fastball and becomes a top LH prospect and an eventual #2 starter in the majors. 
ETA:  There is no need to rush him with all the pitchers ahead of him. Look for a 2013 debut.
...for a full scouting report, go here.

Tomorrow we learn the bottom half of the top-10.

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