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Braves non-tender Kelly Johnson

In an unfortunate move, the Atlanta Braves were unable to find a trade partner to take second baseman Kelly Johnson. Because Johnson would have made too much money through arbitration, the Braves decided to non-tender him a contract, making him a free agent.

Back at the beginning of the off-season, in early October, I called this move of non-tendering Johnson. Back then I said it was reminiscent of the situation the team faced with Marcus Giles a few years ago. The club simply does not value the player as much as he would be making through salary arbitration.

Still, it's a shame we couldn't get something for Johnson. I guess the Braves are a bit gun-shy after the Soriano Surprise of getting stuck with contracts they don't want. I wonder if they were able to trade Derek Lowe before this decision (thusly freeing up payroll), if they would have made a different decision on Johnson. I guess we'll never know.

We'll miss you Scooter.

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