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Could Braves' Lowe be heading to the Yankees... or the Jets... or the (fill in team name here)

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There has been quite a bit of silence on the Derek Lowe front for the last 24 hours. The latest incarnation of a destination for the Atlanta Braves starting pitcher has been conjured up by AJC beat writer David O'Brien:

Lowe-for-Swisher would be a strong outcome for the Braves in the whole Lowe situation. Big Money (Yanks) could make things all better.

He goes on to make an analogy about the Yankees being a rich uncle who is benevolently buying back the car which was too expensive that we (the Braves) got last year, blah, blah. Things have been so quiet the past 24 that I'm forced to re-print these twitter ramblings. Lowe might as well be headed anywhere at this point.

Lowe-for-Swish would be a decent deal, though I've consistently been on the fence about Nick Swisher. He seems like another in a long line of almost-stars who do a few things well, but have some holes in their game. But he knows how to hit a homerun and he knows how to take a walk, so that's a start. He's be a better option than Juan Rivera, who everyone and their brother keep trying to put us on.

I'm ready for something to happen. Damn the Braves patience.


To add another thought here; with the Lee/Halladay deal now done, and the Mariners having already added Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee this off-season, and with John Lackey off to Boston, surely the Angels feel they need to respond. I think Derek Lowe would be a good beginning to that response, with the notion that he will likely pitch better back in SoCal.