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A Bad Week for Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence

While the Atlanta Braves front office is moving to try and improve the club through trades and free agent signings, the fans of the team don't seem to be real happy with the moves. The Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence, measured every two weeks in the off-season, plummeted this week from 72% to 65%. This marks the third straight fortnight of decline for this measurement.

Since we at Talking Chop have only been running this poll since the beginning of last season, we don't have another off-season to compare these measurement to. One generally thinks of Braves fans as fairly optimistic, but the results of this poll seem to fly in the face of that optimism.

One factor could be the record voting for the poll this week. There were 1966 votes, nearly double the next highest weekly total. Could it be that the site just had an influx of new and disgruntled fans? Perhaps the idea of the poll was not totally clear to these new folks. While it focuses on the major league team, it also takes into account the strength of the minor league system, and that strength was certainly boosted by the acquisition of Arodys Vizcaino, but perhaps not enough to off-set the loss of Javier Vazquez.

It will be interesting to see if the team can make any more significant moves and what impact those moves will have on the Fan Confidence. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. After all, look at how many ups and downs the season had. Why should our off-season be any different.


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