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Melky's Highest Value to the Braves would be in a Trade

Like many fans who were not a fan of the recent Javier Vazquez trade between the Braves and the Yankees, I was most incensed with our acquisition of Melky Cabrera. This clone of Jeff Francoeur resembles our former right fielder in so many ways, including the adoration that doting homer Yankees fans have for him. His hype, his "smile," his penchant for late-inning heroics while dismissing the more numerous failures of the other seven or eight innings; yes, in so many ways are they alike. And it is this likeness to Francoeur that makes me cringe when I think that we got him in the trade, even if he wasn't the centerpiece.

But the Melk-man has some value to the Braves, but that value has a very short shelf-life. Right now he still has that Yankee hype, that Yankee cache. For the same reason that Braves pitching prospects are often overvalued by other clubs (okay, maybe just the Royals), just about any and every Yankees prospect seems to be overvalued. The hype that Melky Cabrera receives is no where near equal to the production that he produces on the field. That's why we need to hurry up and move him this off-season.

Up to around March 1st is probably the shelf-life of Melky's Yankee aura. After that, he'll be seen for what he is, and not for the pinstripes he no longer wears. Trade the man while we can still exact some type of value from his Yankee pedigree.'s Jon Heyman tweets this tidbit this afternoon:

if braves will consider trading melky, as atlanta j-c suggests, they should talk to cubs, who'd love him for CF.

Yes, please, beautiful. The Cubs are probably the least sabermetrically inclined team... I'm sure they would love him for center field. Surely there is some Cub or another that the Braves would be interested in. After all, the last time we traded with them it worked out pretty darn well -- throwaway walk-a-lot rookie arm Jose Ascanio for Will Ohman and Omar Infante.

Yes, I know that Melky might realize more of his potential, yada yada yada, but aren't we tired of waiting for guys who might reach their potential. This is a game of right now, and the Braves are a team being built to win now, so only the studs among us should get a chance. Frank Wren needs to keep making moves, and one of those includes moving the Melk-man... we have better internal options.

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