BA's Jim Callis on Braves

Murph (NJ)

Where would you rank Arodys Vizcaino vs Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes two years ago when they were not traded for Johan Santana?

Jim Callis (2:03 PM)

Vizcaino had proven less than both but has more pure stuff than either. Balancing both considerations, I'd rank them Hughes, Vizcaino, Kennedy.

Frank Wren (Atl)

Rank my pitching prospects. Teheran, Vizcaino, Delgado, Minor, Devill, Rohrbough.

Jim Callis (2:16 PM)

Vizcaino, Teheran, Minor, Delgado, DeVall, Rohrbough.

Ryan (Indy)

I noticed that Cody Johnson made Atlanta's top 10 prospect list. Do you think he will become an effective major league player of some kind, or is it just a testimate to how weak their system is?

Jim Callis (2:27 PM)

More the latter. There's not a lot of depth after the top few prospects.

Jason (Manhattan (NY))

I still don't understand why Atlanta took Minor at # 7 when the experts all seem to agree that there were better options on the board. Matzek was still there and you have him ranked 22 overall. The difference in signing bonus was only about $1 million. Do you have any insight to the Braves decision?

Jim Callis (2:51 PM)

He was the top player on their board who would sign for what their ownership was willing to spend, plain and simple.

Bryce (Buffalo)

Freeman or Smoak

Jim Callis (3:05 PM)

Smoak, easy. And I like Freeman.

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