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Braves GM Frank Wren on Starters and Trades

Yesterday on Sirius XM's Home Plate Channel, host Jim Bowden asked Atlanta Braves General Manager Frank Wren this question about his plans for his 6 starting pitchers:

Host/Jim Bowden: "Is there any scenario where you can see all six of your starters right now going to spring training and possibly breaking with the Atlanta club and one moving to the bullpen, or do you think for sure a trade has to be made by opening day?"

Frank Wren: "Yeah, I think that’s unlikely, Jim, based on the amount of interest we have in our starters and also our need.  We think that we can [inaudible] dual purpose for the move, maybe getting a piece back for us, or freeing up salary that allows us to compete for different guys.  So there are a couple things there that I think will enhance our club which would make it unlikely we’d go to spring training with them."

He seems very confident that he'll be able to move one of his starters. The money quote being "the amount of interest we have in our starts." Of course, the next line says "and also our need," which could mean that the Braves must trade one of those starters because of payroll and filling out the roster. Overall, though, I like his confidence in being able to move a starter and at the same time getting something valuable in return.

Will something happen during the winter meetings next week? I guess it depends on whether or not they find the right deal, or whether they have to wait until after Lackey signs.

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