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Hoping the Braves Say No to Mike Cameron

There has been a lot of talk on this site in the comments and on other sites supporting the idea of the Braves signing outfielder Mike Cameron. I'd like to go on record as saying I DO NOT support any move in this direction, and I would be very critical of Atlanta if they made this move.

I don't get why people are so enamored with Cameron. I'll admit his defense is above average at times, but his bat is just not that exciting, nor does his bat accomplish any of the goals that this team needs to accomplish this off-season -- (1) get a power bat, (2) get a consistent hitter.

Cameron's speed has declined to the point where he's not a top of the lineup hitter. He also strikes out way too much to exist at the top of the lineup. He doesn't have enough power to be a middle of the lineup hitter, so that leaves him as a bottom of the lineup hitter, with aging speed, aging defense, and an aging and slowing bat. Did I mention he's only a year younger than Chipper? Odds are we'd be way overpaying for a 7th or 8th place hitter, or we'd be overplaying a guy in the top-to-middle of the lineup who should be at the bottom.

This obsession some folks have with Cameron has got to stop. Just because he's from Georgia, and says he wants to play near his home, doesn't mean that the Braves should sign him for any amount of money. He's just not the guy we need clogging up our outfield physically or fiscally. We already have a younger, better version of Mike Cameron, and his name is Nate McLouth.

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