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Spring Training Open Thread: Astros at Braves

Today we play our weekly game against the Astros, with Derek Lowe taking the mound, and coming off that perfect four-inning outing last week. Yesterday the Cards broke the Braves' 10-game winning streak with a one-run road loss. Let's hope we don't see many of those one-run road losses this year, though, if they're preceded by 10-game winning streaks then I'm okay with them.

Jeff Francoeur looks to be heating up and settling in with his new stance and new approach at the plate. He hasn't struck out at all this spring, and he's tied for the team lead in walks with KJ at 6. Of course, he only has one extra-base hit, a homerun against Venezuela, so while he's hitting, he needs to turn some of those singles into more than one base.

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