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CSS to Televise 25 Gwinnett Braves Games

Can't get your Atlanta Braves fix? One of the unexpected good byproducts of the Richmond Braves moving to the Atlanta area and beoming the Gwinnett Braves is that we'll be able to see a whole lot of them on TV this year. "A minimum of 25 games" will be broadcast on Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast (CSS). This partnership will last for the next four years, so Atlanta Braves fans with Comcast or Charter Cable in the southeast will get to see the Braves of tomorrow, today.

It will be especially intriguing this year if they luck out and broadcast a few Tommy Hanson starts. We'll have to have some open threads and perhaps some special NAHWAL for these televised games. For a complete schedule of televised games, go to the Gwinnett Braves website or to this article at OSC.

The announcers for these games will be Josh Caray, of the broadcasting Carays, as the play-by-play guy, and Brian Jordan as the color commentator. For those of us outside of Rome, we'll get to finally hear the next generation of Caray announcers. I wonder how many times Brian Jordan will pimp LeJardin.

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