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Spring Training Open Thread: Panama at Braves

The Fightin' Noriegas come to face-off against the Braves today at the WWOS. It's not a traditional spring training game, but a spring game nonetheless. It's even more exciting knowing that TOMMY HANSON will be starting!

I pimped the Heater's spring training Radar Tracking a few weeks ago, but now they have added spring training stats along side the preview of each team. If you're thinking of playing fantasy baseball and want a leg-up, go here and subscribe to The Heater.

Speaking of fantasy baseball. Perhaps you've noticed the ads under the first story for CBS fantasy baseball. It's apparently a pretty cool system with tons of great features. If you're thinking of signing up, please use the link from my site to register -- I apparently get a little bunny everytime someone signs up.

MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training -
SB Nation

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