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Ken Kawakami... too early to be excited?

Maybe it's the post-4:30 delirium of the work day, but I'm sitting here in my office at my job situation and singing the Ken Kawakami song... which I'm also inventing as I go along. It's a choppy medium tempo song that has a rhythm like, buum - ba - ba - ba - bum... Ken Kaw wa kam ee, batters want their mommy, Ken Kaw wa kam ee, eat some edamame.

This is why I don't share that often.

Anyway, I'm basically marvelling at the marvelous start our new Japanese starter is having. Yes, it's only spring training, but two outings, five innings, and one hit... and he's apparently working on pitches. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We're talking about Braves scouts who recommended this player. For not really knowing what we were getting, he certainly is giving us reason to be hopeful that we got the best that Japan had to offer.

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