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Heyward shines, Kawakami struggles in Braves intrasquad game

It's an off-day for the Atlanta Braves as far as scheduled spring training games go, but there are really no off-days during spring training (unless you're Jeff Francoeur and you have a tee time). Kawakami was roughed up for five runs on six hits during four innings of work. There was good news for Kawakami, who seems to be able to learn on the fly:

"Before I went out in the fourth inning, I was told by pitching coach Roger McDowell to focus on throwing to the knees, and I was able to do that," Kawakami said.

Stats from intrasquad games are likely even less important than stats from spring training games as players, especially pitchers, are usually working on things in what they believe is a more anonymous atmosphere. For Ken, it appears that he was working on his location.

Jason Heyward, on the other hand, had a great day, homering off of Kawakami and Emiliano Fruto. This after Heyward had homered in last week's intrasquad game.

Here are two recaps of the game:  MLB and AJC.

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