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Atlanta Braves fan confidence at low point for the season

Ever since the first week of the season we've been holding the weekly Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll. Many of you have asked what will become of these polls, and now you have an answer. I wanted to wait until we had enough weeks and data points to make a graph that could actually show us something. Here are the results of the last two months:


The Braves have fought back through a rough April to end May at .500 for the season, but the Braves' fans don't seem too impressed with the team's slow turnaround. A lot of the ups and downs of the Braves play on the field this year is also reflected in the poll, with the graph going up one week and down the next and repeating that for several weeks.

We'll continue this poll indefinitely, with the post going up every Friday on the main page, and the poll closing on Sunday -- so make sure you get your vote in each weekend. The fan confidence rating will also be available at all times on the right sidebar of the main page.

A tip of the cap to Matt Cerrone's MetsBlog for the idea, and to Matt for his advice in getting the calculations for the poll setup. Interestingly, the Mets fans' confidence is only slightly higher than the Braves'.

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