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Braves blogosphere (choposphere) grows

Most of you are familiar with "bigjoe," the purveyor of the NAHWAL game here at Talking Chop, and one of my pinch-hitters while I was on vacay. Joe's a good writer and has done a great job here at TC, and now he's received an opportunity to start his own blog. His new blog, Braves Heart, will be a part of the Fanball Sports Network. I told Joe yesterday that this makes him Ned Yost to my Bobby Cox (I gess that makes Matt, Kurt Kemp, and RoyHobbs, Chino Cadahia). If you haven't already, wish Joe good luck at his new blog.

In other blogging news, if you always wanted to be a part of a network blog, Chop'n'Change is running another contest to find an additional blogger. See if you're up to the task of writing multiple times a week about the Braves.

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