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Atlanta Braves Friday Draft Links

There is not a lot going on, as the draft is over, and it may be a day or two before we get official word of any signings, but I wanted to pass along some links to local coverage of the players the Braves drafted.

Braves high on Horry County talent
Our 38th round draft pick, Tripp Faulk, is the son of one of our local scouts, Paul Faulk. He was surprised to see his son drafted, but ultimately thinks he won't sign. Nice story, nonetheless.

In that same link, there is a note about our 5th-round pick, Thomas Berryhill:

Berryhill, who was taken by the Braves in the fifth round on Wednesday, said he will sign his contract on Saturday and immediately report to Danville, Va., home of Atlanta's advanced rookie league team.

Berryhill would not reveal his signing bonus, but last year's 148th selection, former Coastal closer Pete Andrelczyk, received $185,000. Berryhill said his bonus was slightly less than 2008's slot money.

Braves pick Walden in 43rd round
Alan Walden was injured much of last year, and will likely go to the University of Tennessee, but before he was injured he was projected to go in the top-5 rounds. Could the Braves sign him? As he says in the article, "money talks."

Walters State well represented in MLB draft
One of the Braves' favorite JoCo schools to draft kids from had a ton of players taken this year, including one by the Braves.

Bennett Pickar opts for college, not the Braves
Scratch our 15th-round selection off the board.

Perhaps the 27th pick too
Joe Leftridge, the Braves 27th pick, is expected to return to Howard next year.

Conway selected by Braves
Our 42nd round-pick is realistic about his chances of signing with the club.

Hale drafted by Braves
Our second-round pick, David Hale, is eager to sign for around slot.

Braves sign seven draft picks
Bill Shanks says we've signed seven guys already, but of course, you have to pay for his site, and well... (we'll leave it at that, and we'll know who they are soon enough).

[UPDATE]  Through the magic of the Google, I was able to determine that the guys we've signed are Mycal Jones (4), Robby Hefflinger (7), Aaron Northcraft (10), Casey Masters (11), Chris Lovett (12), Jakob Dalfonso (18), and Jeff Lorrick (20).

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