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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 6/20

Gwinnett 7, Lousiville 3

  • C. Burke 2-3 2B, RBI, BB
  • B. Barton 3-4 HR(4), 3 RBI, K

A smatterting of relievers pitched in for this start after Francisely Bueno left the game after the 2nd inning. Chris Burke will be the best player in Atlanta in two weeks. I mean the dude is hitting like .500 for Gwinnett! Call him up now! Not really, but you never know, he was a top prospect at one time so maybe he can find something with the Braves.

Mississippi 4, Chattanooga 4 - In the 10th

  •  K. Kirkland 1-4 3B, RBI, BB, 2K
  • J. Lyman 2-2 2B, 2RBI -  5IP 2H 1R 2BB 3K

As I write, this game is still going on. Jeff Lyman was pretty awesome on the mound and with the bat. Maybe we should convert him to a position player if he doesn't ever pan out as a pitcher. Also I must say I am not a fan of parents naming their kids with intentional alliteration in mind. I am looking at you Kody Kirkland.

Frederick 12, Myrtle Beach 7

  • F. Freeman 3-4 2B, K, HBP
  • C. Johnson 3-5 2 HR(20), 3 RBI, 2K

The Pelican's lineup reminds me a little of Atlanta's with a all the good hitters at the top, and some pretty useless guys once you get down past the 4-5 spots. Jason Heyward was 0-5 on the night and made a fielding error in CF. Cody Johnson finally broke out of his power slump hitting only his 2nd and 3rd homers of the month. Frederick Freeman continues to pound the baseball raising his OPS each month of the season (.870 this month). Now I want to see Heyward shake the rust off and catch Johnson in HRs.

Rome 4, Augusta 15

  • L. Sumoza 2-4
  • S. Shults 2-4 2B, RBI
  • D. Delgado 6IP 7H 3R 1BB 5K

Yet another solid start from Dimaster Delgado. Too bad just about everyone else sucked. I mean this was just a woodshed beating.

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