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The Braves Homestand of DEATH and FEAR

The 10-game homestand that starts tonight will feature the Braves facing 4 really good clubs, who should all beat us handily. The Cubs come in for a makeup game tonight, then the Yankees for 3, the Red Sox for 3, and the Phillies for 3. It's probably too early to talk about this stretch being make or break, but we might be at that point. This homestand will at least be one to remember, good or bad.

I have nicknamed it "The Homestand of Death and Fear," but we can come up with some other names too. "DEATH" stands for Diaz Erased Above The Head, for all the times that Matt Diaz swings at strike three at or above his eyeballs. And "FEAR" stands for Francoeur Evades Another RBI, for all the times that Jeff Francoeur fails with runners on base.

Your challenge today is to come up with some other good acronym-words for the ways the Braves suck.

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