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Would You Trade Tommy Hanson for Justin Upton?

Alright guys and gals it is time for another "Would You Trade...?". Now before I go into specifics I just want to lay down the rules. This is not a proposed deal or something I think would happen, nor is it something I believe either GMs involved would agree to. It is an exercise in discussion and I expect you to put yourself in the shoes of the GM of the Braves and decide whether or not you would make this trade if it was on the table.

Now, we all know Tommy Hanson is one of the better all around pitching prospects the Braves have produced in a long while. He was generally considered the top RHP prospect in the game prior to the season (with regards to Neftali Feliz and Chris Tillman) and then dominated in the AFL and AAA. Any time a scout or analyst has found a flaw in his game he has found a way to fix it or improve it (his flyball rate has always been a question but it has never caught up with him, even in the offense happy AFL. His 'poor' command has done nothing but improve as he has moved up through the minors). We all know Hanson is the future of our rotation right now and a very talented player.

With all that said, Justin Upton is widely considered one of the most talented young hitters in baseball and is currently in the middle of a breakout season with the Arizona Diamondbacks. His line so far:

2009 - Justin Upton 51 185 34 59 12 4 10 33 23 51 7 1 .319 .395 .589

Upton was the first overall pick in the 2005 Draft and is already in his 3rd season in the majors. When he was drafted most scouts said his ability was on the same level as Griffey, Jr and Alex Rodriguez and we only see guys like him once every decade or so. Upton is just now 21 years old (22 in August) and would be under control for a few more years and is apparently on the verge of breaking out.

So the question is would you give up Tommy Hanson and all his potential for the current ability and experience of Justin Upton? Discuss!

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