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More mocking the Braves pick in the 2009 draft

We already saw Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus select Alex White for the Braves in their mock drafts, and now ESPN's Keith Law does the same:

7. Atlanta Braves
Alex White, RHP, North Carolina:
Update -- Baltimore taking Zack Wheeler, San Francisco taking Tyler Matzek and Atlanta taking Alex White all seem pretty strong. Atlanta would love to take Matt Purke, but the word is the higher-ups won't pay that much over slot.

Purke is a new name we haven't heard, and remember, there are always pre-draft deals than can be worked out and allow a team to have more confidence in selecting a "tough sign." That's three votes for Alex White, but MLB's Jonathan Mayo has the Braves passing up Whte:

7. Atlanta Braves: Mike Minor, LHP, Vanderbilt University
The Braves are still hoping for one of the top high school arms to drop -- namely, Wheeler -- but in a scenario in which he's gone, they'd choose the arm they like the best. It might surprise some, but Minor might be their best guy still on the board at that point. If somehow Minor and White are both gone, don't be shocked if they take a chance at signing Matt Purke.

Everyone knows the Braves want Wheeler, but that's just like two years ago when everyone knew the Braves really wanted Jason Heyward, but no one thought he would fall that far. Somehow the Braves willed that to happen, so we'll see if other teams shy away from a guy who may have his heart set on the Braves as much as they have their heart set on him.

John Sickels also did a mock draft on his site, with the Braves taking White (as well as an intriguing second round pick).

The draft open thread posts at 5:45pm.

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