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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence has not turned around yet

The results of any poll will obviously be affected by the day or time that poll is posted. This was most likely the case with the latest Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll. I posted it last Friday morning, just after the Braves and Rafael Soriano blew the lead against the Dodgers. That's not necessarily the best time to post a poll like that if you want a positive result, but I post the FCP every Friday, so timing is occasionally unfortunate.

Had I posted the poll today, I would imagine the rating would have gone up instead of down, but as it stands, the rating for last week dropped from a 68 to a 60. That's still pretty good, but as you can see, the EKG-like pattern continues, although the frequency between the peaks and the valleys are getting further apart.


Let's see if the Braves can once again turn it around this week. The next fan confidence poll will be posted Friday morning.

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