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Game 126 Recap: Padres 12, Braves 5, Chipper 0

This is another one of those game that really doesn't deserve a recap. Kenshin Kawakami was cruising along, at one point he had retired 10 batters in a row, and then "boom goes the dinamite!" In the 6th inning the Padres turned on the hitting switch and didn't turn it off the rest of the game. I know some people might say Bobby Cox should have pulled Kawa earlier in the 6th, but he hadn't thrown that many pitches, and after having been so sharp early on, Cox had to believe that Kawa could wiggle his way out of the jam.

Chipper Jones is 1-for-his-last-32. It might be time to sit him down for a game -- not as a punishment, but as a way to collect himself and figure some things out. His importance to this team is undeniable, and if he's not hitting, then we're not going to be winning.

While Kawa and the Braves bullpen had their problems after the 5th inning, I sort of place the blame for this game on the offense. We got out to a nice 3-run lead with a 3-run Brian McCann homer in the first, and then we just fell asleep offensively. We have to put teams like this away when we have the chance, and we didn't do that... and it's no surprise that we lost.

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