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Believe? I remain skeptical about the Braves playoff chances


I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer this morning, but I'm also not going to jump on the Believe bandwagon of hype just yet. The counter slogan to "Believe" was written in a comment in yesterday's game recap and read, "I remain skeptical, do you?" That slogan got me thinking, and skeptical is really how I feel. After all, I've watched this team all year, I know about the ups and down.

I think it's great that we're branding this surge with the Believe slogan, but I remain skeptical and realistic about Atlanta's playoff chances. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to watch every minute of it and root like hell for the Braves to win every game, but they will have to win every game, and even then there's still a strong possibility that they won't make it.

As a marketing tool, though, you have to like this whole Believe campaign. "Print a sign, then come to the game and wave it." That's pretty genius from a marketing department that has the incredibly tough task of trying to convince Atlantans to come to a baseball game during football season.

I would give them even more credit it they hadn't put a little TM Trademark logo next to the "Believe" -- that makes it kind of hollow. Did they have to do that? To me that reads, "let's have a grassroots 'Believe' movement, but let's also retain the rights to any merchandise that we can sell which happens to coincide with it." Oh well, I suppose a Believe sign is just the foam tomahawk of this generation.

Anyway, this is a perfect opportunity for a poll.

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