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Atlanta Braves - Cincinnati Reds: (Musical) Series Preview

I'm doing a bit of a different series preview this time as the Atlanta Braves face the Cincinnati Reds for three games this weekend at Turner Field. Instead of the usual Q&A with a Reds blogger I'm going to try and encourage fans to go to the ballpark... not there are any other types of sports going on this weekend. If you go to the ballpark, here are the tunes that the Braves organist will be playing for each Reds batter as they come up to bat, via the Twitter feed of Matthew Kaminski, the Braves Organist.

  • 'Brahms Lullaby' for Paul 'Yawn'ish (Janish)
  • 'Paper Moon' for Craig Tatum (O'Neal)
  • 'The Price is Right' for Kevin (Bob) Barker
  • 'Blitzkreig Bop' for Joey 'Ramone' Votto
  • 'Ob, la, di, ob, la, da' for Corky Miller
  • 'Every Rose Has it's Thorn' for Adam Ros(e)ales - gotta love the Poison walk up song!!
  • California Dreamin' for Brandon Phillips (John and Michelle Phillips were part of the Mamas and Papas)
  • 'Miami Vice' for Drew (S)tubbs
  • 'Andy Griffith' for Jonny Gome(r) Pyle
  • 'Old McDonald Had a Farm' for Darnell McDonald - great for the kids!
  • 'My Funny (B)alentine' for Wladimir Balentien. . . It's always great to throw in some jazz!
  • I like 'Rawhide' for Scott Rolen . . . 'Rolen, Rolen, Rolen. . . Rawhide!'
  • 'Who's Johnny' for Johnny Cueto
  • In honor of Dragon-Con, perhaps I should play some sci-fi songs this weekend ;) Trogdor is in order :)

If you're on Twitter, go here and offer up any suggestions for other walk-up music he can play for the visiting team.

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