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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Back Up

After three straight fortnights of decline in the Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll, the fans have finally turned that off-season frown upside down. The FCP jumped from 65% two weeks ago to 70% this week, not the highest level of the off-season, but an improvement over the downward trend that has plagued the Braves most of the hot stove season.

The turnaround is likely a result of the reality of finality settling in. The Braves have announced they are done making moves and the team you see is the team you will have. The full impact of the Troy Glaus and Eric Hinske signings could also be a factor in this turnaround. Glaus and Hinske are proven veterans who fill big holes in the Braves lineup and bench, and fill them with a lot of promise.

I expect the FCP will continue to creep up as we approach spring training. This is a result of more and more people taking a look at our roster and realizing that it is likely better than the one we went into spring training with last season.


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