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Braves Still in the Running for Johnny Damon?

According to Jon Heyman at, the Braves are one of the teams which have made a contract offer to free agent outfielder Johnny Damon:

The Braves and Giants are believed to have made offers for Damon, though he hasn't snapped up either one immediately, leading some to wonder whether the Yankees might get involved again.

The Braves are likely to only be offering a one-year deal in the $6 to $7 million range, and if that's the case I would expect him to return to the Yankees. I wonder if this is old information (though it was in today's column), since the Braves have stated that no other major moves are likely to be made. This could also be a case where the Braves are low-balling Damon, knowing that he has limited options. The other interesting scenario here could be that if the Braves sign Damon, then they intend to commit themselves to trading either Melky Cabrera or Matt Diaz to clear payroll space, viewing Damon as an upgrade over either.

We shall have to see how this unfolds.

[UPDATE: 6pm]

And so it unfolds, as David O'Brien tweets:
I'm told that Braves have not made an offer to Johnny Damon, despite a rumor suggesting otherwise.
Heyman did say he that he just "believed" the Braves had made an offer... excellent journalism.

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