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Braves Lose Greg Maddux to the Cubs

I guess turnabout is fair play, and the Braves did steal Greg Maddux from the Cubs in 1993, so it is only appropriate that the Cubs steal him back this year to be a special assistant to the General Manager, a move that was just announced. That role could mean a myriad of things, but what it generally means is that a person is being groomed for bigger and better things. Let's just hope Mad Dog doesn't learn too much from Jim Hendry.

The Braves were apparently having some conversations at the Winter Meetings with Greg about joining the Braves front office in a similar capacity. As tied to the Braves as Maddux is, he may have more recent relations with the folks in the Cubs front office and may be more familiar with them, thus his choice of Chicago over Atlanta.

Apparently the Braves were also having similar conversations with Tom Glavine.

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