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Talking Chop Stuff

Our pal royhobbs but together some pictures for me a while back, and I'm just now getting around to using them. They are below and contain links to the items described. This is not some sort of imposition of massive rules all of a sudden, this is just something I've been meaning to get to for a while, and it will help the moderators and me when dealing with "problems." For most of you, just keep plodding along as you have been, though you may want to read over these topics as you might learn something that you didn't know before.

New folks, this is your chance to get up to speed quickly.

Lurkers, this is your chance to learn how to sign up for an account and participate.

Tc_welcome_medium Tc_guidelines_medium
Tc_posting_medium Tc_commenting_medium

These links will remain on the right sidebar in perpetuity.

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