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Braves Quote For The Day II

The Braves need all the help they can get:

Eric Hinske played for different teams in each of the past three World Series, and the Braves sure hope he can extend his streak as a human good-luck charm. [...]

"I love what I see here, and that's why I signed," said Hinske, 32, who has experience at all four infield and outfield corner positions.

"I had some other offers, and I took my time and weighed all of them, and kept coming back to this one. It really seemed like the best situation."

Those three teams would all be AL East teams, Boston, Tampa Bay, and New York. He started his career with Toronto, so he was only a Baltimore away from completing the AL East sweep. Perhaps we'll be his first stop on his NL East collection... so long as we keep his World Series streak alive.

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