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Talking Chop Passes 3,000,000

We take a moment out of the Braves day to day off-season rumblings to note that Talking Chop passed 3 million unique visits today. It's been 5 months since we passed 2 million, and eerily almost a year to the day since we passed 1 million.

I love writing and talking about the Braves and I hope all of you enjoy this little place on the web to hide out and do the same. While I would probably write about the Braves even if no one was reading, it's certainly more exciting to know that people are tuning in and not only reading but contributing.

Thanks to everyone who stops by on a daily basis and everyone who chimes in with their two cents. Thanks to Matt, Danny, and C.B. for all the help throughout the past year. We're about to take this blog thing to the next level with the Annual... finally a piece of Talking Chop you'll be able to touch and hold on to.

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