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Braves Quote For The Day

The best quote from today's review of Braves prospects by Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein has got to be this one:

Jason Heyward has the potential to be a "face of the franchise" talent. He's arguably the best pure hitter in the game, combined with outstanding plate discipline and pitch recognition. He has the ability to contend for batting and on-base titles, all in a massive athletic package that's loaded with tools. His raw power is plus, his speed is average to a tick above, and he's a very good outfielder who can even play center in a pinch. His arm is a true plus-plus weapon. [...] When asked what aspects of Heyward's game need improvement, one scout simply replied, "Nothing."

This sort of brings us full circle from the first post of the day, where I said the Braves don't need another outfielder. (Yes, there is a theme today.) Our pal bigjoe disagrees with me, and seems to still be suffering from "Jordan Schafer shock syndrome." The problem is that any comparison between Schafer and Heyward is miles apart, or at least it should be. There is no reason to put the brakes on the Heyward Train... or rather the "Hey-Tray." He is a once-a-decade talent whose time has come.

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