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Braves Quote For The Day II

From the comments section of the last quote for the day comes this gem from commenter fandave:

The whole rushing to majors meme irritates the hell out of me. Its like all young baseball players are fragile little ice sculptures that may get dinged or cracked and thus lost forever. This just strikes me as stupid beyond belief.

Word! At some point every prospect is going to have the face the possibility of playing 160+ games and standing in the batter's box against scary major league hitters. That's what they've been waiting for and playing for in the minor leagues! A kid that hits .400 for over a month in the high minors has very little left to prove in the minors.

The arbitration argument (that Jason Heyward would be a "super-two" if we brought him up to start the season) is a ridiculous one. We need to compete for the postseason with the best team on the field from opening day until the end of the season, and Heyward gives us the best chance to do so. Coddling him will not do us any good.

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