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Braves Quote For The Day II

More to love about Jordan Schafer:

He felt a pop in his left wrist on April 10, his last at-bat in the home opener against Washington.

Since then, Jordan Schafer has totaled 55 games played, 187 at-bats, 69 strikeouts, 36 hits, two home runs (both in Triple-A), 13 RBI, an unspecified number of cortisone injections, one wrist surgery and only-he-knows-how-many tattoos (both arms are now completely covered in ink from elbow to shoulder.)

Those are the first two sentences of a David O'Brien blog post about the last young outfielder who tried to make the majors for the Braves. A lot of good info on Schafer and his most recent comeback. He's a determined kid, he's still young, and he should still have all that promise we had in him before last season. I would say that he'll fly under the radar this spring, but he's too flamboyant for that to happen.

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