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Things Read in Other Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 01.22.10


Welcome everyone, to a brand new addition to the Talking Chop regularly scheduled programming.  Things Read in Other Moms' Basements is going to be a weekly (possibly more) look at some of the things and happenings around the rest of the National League Eastern division, because let's face it, for better or worse, the Atlanta Braves are not the only team in Major League Baseball, and sometimes it can be enlightening to see what our so-called division rivals are up to.

I undertook this task, because I want to become a better fan, and actually know a better deal of stuff outside of just the Atlanta Braves, and I hope that I can bring some enlightenment, entertainment, and most importantly, kill some time for the rest of you guys and gals.

So without further ado, I bring you the first edition of Things Read on Other Moms' Basements.

In honor of David Wright's awesome helmet fashion, Dark Helmet has become the first of potentially many nerdy references that I'll likely make in coming weeks.  For this week, I'll order the teams by the 2009 final standings.

Shane Victorino signs three-year extension with the Philadelphia Phillies -
Great.  Three more years of Shane Victorino playing way out of his head against the Braves.  Three years, $22 million.  I'd say that's a great deal for the Phillies.

Joe Blanton signs three-year extension with the Philadelphia Phillies -
Joe Blanton signs an extension, three years, $24 million.  Not bad for a durable, low injury-risk innings-eater.

Jose Contreras signs with the Phillies -
(hat tip: user atl192485)
Pending physical, that is.  Monetary terms have yet to be released yet either, so it's hard to say whether or not this is a good transaction or not.  Considering the numbers, and stage of his career of the former Bronze Titan, I can't imagine it being a lot; this could be a very savvy move for the Phils to bolster the rotation as well as their bullpen.

Jimmy Rollins is okay after earthquakes rock the Cayman Islands, where he is preparing for wedding - Beerleaguer
Jimmy Rollins is okay.  Why is this relevant?  Because he was in the Caribbean, preparing for his wedding, when another earthquake in South America rocked the Cayman Islands, near where Rollins was staying.  According to reports, the Phillies couldn't get in contact with him immediately, which scared the living bejeezus out of them.  He reported in, he's fine, and he's still getting married.  On Saturday.  Today.

Hopeful Optimism & Tempered Expectations - Phillies Nation
To all sports gamblers: as of now, the Phillies are +200 odds to make the World Series.  The Braves and Marlins are +1300 odds.  For some reason, the Mets are 3rd most likely in the NL to take it at +800 odds, and the Nationals are dead last as +5000 odds to go to the Series.

Phillies plan road trip convoy for Opening Day in Washington D.C. vs. the Nationals - Phillies Nation
You know, I wish there were a team closer to Atlanta where we could pile into buses and troll someone else's park in massive numbers.

Shane Victorino's new clothing line
(hat tip: The Good Phight)
The guy we all love to hate, Shane Victorino, has signed a clothing deal with some "lifestyle apparel brand."  In other words, clothes that would go great with your TAPOUT, Affliction, and Ed Hardy t-shirts.


2B Dan Uggla re-signs with the Florida Marlins -
Dan Uggla avoids the ugly arbitration process and signs a 1-year deal with the Fish for $7.8M, to potentially terrorize the Braves for another year (18HR, .907OPS career vs. Atlanta).  Insinuations are made that despite the signing, they're still going to shop him around.  Also, other Braves pests; Ricky Nolasco, Anibal Sanchez, among others agree on contracts, but Cody Ross is going to arbitration.

Marlins headed to the Middle East -
Our old third-base skipper, Fredi Gonzalez, the reigning 2009 NL Rookie of the Year, Chris Coughlan, and several other Marlins admirably head to the Middle East to support the troops - baseball fans rejoice.  Also, several of the Marlins Mermaids go with - men rejoice.

Marlins Mermaids 2010 squad tryout pictures - Broward-Palm Beach New Times
(hat tip: Fish Stripes)
Speaking of the Marlins Mermaids - tryout pictures for the 2010 Marlins Mermaids squad. 'Nuff said.

The Marlins were the most efficient team in baseball -
In a study by Tom Verducci, the Marlins were rated the most efficient team of the decade.  Long story short, every payroll dollar was added up, and then divided by every win between 2000-2009 was added together, and the Fish have paid less money per win than anyone else.

Florida Marlins Top 20 Prospects - Minor League Ball
(hat tip: Marlins Maniac)
This said about Marlins #1 prospect, Mike Stanton, as according to John Sickels:

Upside: 40-homer production for years. Downside: he loses the strike zone and ends up like Jeff Francoeur.

Burn.  Take that, Jeff Francoeur.  I think it's amusing that Frenchy has become somewhat of the measuring stick example of high-potential, quick-failure.

No More FLORIDA on Road Uniforms - Fish At Bat
Florida teams just don't like owning up to where they come from.  The Marlins join the Rays, as well as Angels, Cardinals and Phillies* as having road unis with no city designation, as there will be no more "Florida" on their road unis.  The slow transition to the Miami Marlins begins.
*That is, if you're one who thinks 'Phillies' ARE the city name as well as team name.

Marlins venue to be named "Sun Life Stadium" in 2010 -
(hat tip: Fish Stripes)
Well, that didn't last long.  At all.  I was really hoping to be able to one day say "I went to see the Marlins at Landshark (beer) Stadium."  Apparently, that was dashed a little while ago, but now it's changed again.


Gary Matthews, Jr. traded to New York Mets -
Sarge is now on the Mets.  Traded for relief pitcher Brian Stokes, Gary Matthews, Jr. is pretty much the interim outfielder while Carlos Beltran rehabs from knee surgery.  Honestly, I'd rather have pursued Randy Winn or stayed with Angel Pagan. Much to the dismay of Mets fans, Luis Castillo was not included.

Mets considering Wang, others - New York Daily News
The Mets need more pitching - the current hat of names include: Ben Sheets, Chien-Ming Wang, Braden Looper, John Smoltz, and Jon Garland.

New York Mets Organizational Decision-Making Flowchart - Amazin' Avenue
Amazin' Avenue shows the rest of the world how the Mets come to decisions when it comes to Injuries, Trades, Acquisitions, and official controversy.

Jose Offerman punches umpire in Dominican Republic - Metstradamus
Jose Offerman, once a Met, best known for charging the pitcher with bat in hand in the indies and actually ending a career, now manages the Licey Tigers of the Dominican League.  Apparently, some things never change, as Offerman lost his cool and started arguing with the umpire, to where it escalated with Offerman throwing a punch.

Mets vs. Marlins to be played in Puerto Rico - Mets Blog
In late June, a Mets at Marlins series is going to be played in San Juan, Puerto Rico, instead of Miami, Florida.  The Fish will be designated the home team, but will they really have the crowd's favor with Puerto Rican star, Carlos Beltran being on the Mets?

The Francoeur Delusion - Amazin' Avenue
Amazin' Avenue examines Jeff Francoeur - nothing most of us haven't done in the past before.


Orlando Hudson to the Nationals? - Federal Baseball
Speculation about O-Dawg Orlando Hudson heading to Washington.  Franchise Ryan Zimmerman, and Nyjer Morgan have voiced big support of this acquisition.

Nationals, other teams, send scouts to watch Ben Sheets workout -
The Nationals are sending scouts to watch a throwing session for Ben Sheets.  He's looking for $8M, and will likely not get it, but if he can just simply stay healthy, he can be a low-risk, huge-upside signing for anyone willing to likely offer an incentive-laden contract.

Elijah Dukes' Long Winter - Federal Baseball
Federal Baseball examines the hard 2009 offseason of Elijah Dukes, a man trying to shake his past transgressions and just become a professional baseball player.  I root against the player, but I'm pulling for the guy.


And that concludes the first edition of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.  I hope you've enjoyed reading some interesting things, and I hope you'll enjoy this little section for weeks to come.  Share your thoughts, your addendums, or if anything at all, have a nice open thread to blab throughout the weekend.

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