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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Climbing Slowly

With most of the off-season maneuvering done, the Atlanta Braves fan confidence is beginning its slow climb to a higher confidence level. The measurement was up 0.1 percent from two weeks ago, and 0.6 percent from four weeks ago. This is the slow recovery process from the drop that the confidence level took after the Javier Vazquez trade.

As spring training approaches and fans begin to hear good things about the team and the players, the optimism of most Braves fans should return and the confidence level should rise even higher. Puff pieces are a staple of pre-spring and spring training coverage. We will undoubtedly hear of players who worked on their problems this off-season and declare them fixed by a new stance or a new arm slot. We will almost certainly be treated to reports of players who "are in the best shape of their career" -- whether they discovered Nutrisystem or PX90.

All of these articles will work to lift the confidence of Braves fans towards that optimal level just before the start of the season, at which point I predict the fan confidence level will be at its highest.


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