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Notes from the Braves, Troy Glaus Presser

I continue to love for broadcasting all of these press conferences live on the interwebs. With that, I bring you news and pictures fresh from the Atlanta Braves press conference to announce Troy Glaus as the club's new first baseman.


Here are some rough quotes of what Glaus said in the PC:

  • He's been a fan of the Braves organization for a long long time
  • He thinks the team is very close to going back to the playoffs
  • He was focused more on the city and organization and their chance of getting to the playoffs when he made his decision to choose the Braves, the positional move was not that much of a consideration
  • He's been fully healthy and working out with no restrictions since last August
  • On playing first base: "catching a ground ball is the same no matter where you're playing"
  • He went on to say, he'll have to think about more things at first as opposed to third
  • He said he "might end up in the wrong spot" early on, "bare with me in early spring," that drew laughs from Glaus and Cox
  • The chance to play for Bobby is something he's always wanted to do

Frank Wren also commented about the club's remaining off-season plans, saying that "our club is primarily in place," and there might only be a "few smaller minor additions." He alluded greatly to Jason Heyward starting in right saying the club will be "open minded about the young player in right field."

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