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Braves Quote For The Day II: Before You Boo Brooks Read This

ESPN's Mark Simon puts Brooks Conrad into perspective:

Brooks Conrad had four go-ahead home runs in the seventh inning or later this season, the most on the Atlanta Braves, and two shy of the MLB leader, Carlos Lee.

He hit .378 with runners in scoring position (fourth-best in the NL, sixth-best in the majors, minimum 50 plate appearances) and .341 in what are known as "high-leverage situations" (a Next-Level stat, measuring performance in situations in which a team's chances of winning are most dependent on performance).

The moral of this story is that Conrad's value is as a pinch-hitter, and nothing else. Much like Eric Hinske, who hasn't had quite the opportunities to foul-up in the field, Conrad is a utility player in name only -- and would only be forced into full-time duty if more than one starting infielder got hurt. Well, waddaya know.

And yes, read the article and Conrad's name is indeed mentioned beside Bill Buckner's.

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