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Things Read in Others Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 09.02.10


Okay, I just got back from the game one massacre of the crucial final weekend series, and at first, I wasn't mad, just disappointed. Much like a father at his adolescent son for making a poor decision. I grew agitated with MVP's reluctance to make any sort of play on any flyballs, Sea Bass's futile dives to incapably field hits up the middle, and why everyone on the planet except Braves pitching seems to fall asleep on Chooch as he laces hit after demoralizing hit.

By the time the score was well out of hand, I was reminded by 10-4 that I should probably get my Bobby Cox Tribute Program, and so I went to do such. Afterward, on my way back to my seat, I ran into the above photographed man, and his friends. He's probably my most favorite person in Turner Field in the last two years. We chatted about the awesomeness of his shirts, since he's apparently on his third, and nothing but the awesomeness of his MATT DIAZ F'N RULES shirts.

After this encounter, my spirits were lifted, and I felt cheerful and jovial again. This guy apparently doesn't understand the magnitude of happiness his shirt brings me. Thank you, MATT DIAZ F'N RULES shirt guy - you are my real man of genius, and I salute you. And despite the ending, the rest of the game was actually pretty fun. Derrek Lee continued to have himself a great night, capped off with a bases-clearing double in the 9th, and the most notable moment of the night was the long-awaited debut of 12th string backup AAAA catcher, J.C. Boscan. It should not go without mention on the front page that in his first major league at-bat of his career, Boscan nursed out a walk against the wild Mike Zagurski to load the bases, and then was brought home on the aforementioned Lee double. 1AB, 1BB, 1R, 1.000OBP (career). Hell of a debut, J.C., and I'm legitimately, and with no sarcasm, proud to say I witnessed it.

But as for the rest of you, it's late, I've got a plane to catch in the morning, and I don't feel like being a very good blogger this week, so I'm going to use my Super Mario Bros. 3 cloud item on this week, so the links are a little scant. Welcome to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Let the games begin - MASN
Despite being a mammoth fan-favorite in Washington D.C., and delivering yet another 35+HR/100+RBI season, with the most recent one being a walk-off homer, the front office is waffling around the idea of signing OPS guy to a multi-year deal. Ideally, he wants four years, but would be willing to take three from Washington, but instead of any interest, are just convoluted reasons citing his defense as justifying reason to not extend him. I can't speak for Washington, but I have to imagine not signing Dunn is a slap in the face to the fans, because let's not fool ourselves; they don't want to pay. Not only would it be bad for the fans, the offensive output of Dunn won't come close to being matched, and their future 1B, Chris Marrero isn't exactly a defensive starlet at first, either.

Ryan Zimmerman likely done for season with rib strain - MLB
The Franchise guaranteed improvement, and not another 100-loss season, and he has done his part with a stellar 25HR/85RBI while OPSing .899 season. So no need to rush him back, as the Nationals are in no rush to have him play in any meaningless season-ending games.

Stephen Strasburg has removed his cast, pestilance overtakes Ethiopia - MLB

"I wish I was out there with everybody,"

Uh, well, actually, that's actually quite possible, but he's instead living the life of a hermit in San Diego. I'm not quite sure how many of you nerds watch(ed) professional wrestling, but I get the impression that the Stephen Strasburg updates are going to be about as frequent as the "Randy Orton Recovery Updates" storyline in the WWF about five years ago.

Zombie Jesus Flores threatening career again - WaPo
With the acquisition of Wilson Ramos, there's a pretty big roadblock in the way of the once future starting catcher for the Nationals. Shoulder injuries are certainly merciless, but the bright lining is the six pain-free innings he caught in the instructional league, while hitting a homer in the process that might breed some hope yet.

Nationals Minor League Awards - MLB
First baseman, Tyler Moore wins Nationals player of the year awards for his 31HR and 111RBI, in A+ Potomac. Pitcher of the year goes to Tom Milone, who went 12-5 for the AA-Harrisburg, while logging 155K in 158.0IP.

Home is where the heart is - MASN
At the time of me writing this, the Nationals have 41 wins at home, making it impossible for them to have a losing record in Nationals Park this year, making it the first time in the new home that they have had a winning record, and the third time since 2005 that they've defended their turf better than they've played on the road. I would snidely remark to put an asterisk on those 41 wins, because about nine billion of them are against the Braves, and it's proven fact that we can't win there, for some Pujols-forsaken reason.



Dan Uggla "optimistic" about extension with the Marlins - Miami Herald
I think he's probably the only one who is optimistic about being with the Fish on the long term, since he's pretty much asking for two more years, and twice what the Marlins are offering him to stay with the club. And Jeffrey Loria's the owner of the team still.

Ozzie Guillen possible candidate to manage Marlins? - Fish Stripes
I love the quality of FPs from our SBN neighbors, with the self-policed profanity. Either way, it's an interesting thought to see the volatile Ozzie taking the reigns in Miami.

Hanley Ramirez essentially shut down for season - MLB
The Franchise has sore elbows, so he's pretty much not going to swing a bat for the rest of the season. However, that doesn't have any bearing on his legs, and he'll likely see nothing but pinch-running duties for the remainder of the year.

Cameron Maybin essentially shut down for season - MLB
More or less, the exact opposite has happened to Maybin, as he has hurt his knee and back, after crashing into the outfield wall while trying to make a leaping catch to rob Brooks Conrad. I was at this game too, sitting in my customary nose bleeds, and I could even hear the collision.

Larry Beinfest: "We need lefties" - Miami Herald
With a starting rotation at the start of the season that had five righties, and a bullpen that rarely had any lefties, it certainly dinged the Fish in the long run. So it goes without saying that the Fish will make a financially hindered, and light-hearted attempt to acquire some southpaws for 2011, but the projected starting rotation is already five righties again.

I'm pretty sure he just likes baseball caps - Miami Herald
LeBron James, the newest member of the Axis of Heat was spotted wearing a Marlins cap. Does this mean he likes the Fish? I doubt it, since pretty much nobody likes the Fish, so I'm going to say that he just likes baseball caps. Otherwise, you wouldn't see bros named "Pete" or "William" wearing Pirates or Washington hats, as well as the thousands of Usher fans who wear Braves hats with zero knowledge that it's the Atlanta Braves.

Marlins set shutout record in 2010 - MLB
At 16 shutouts on the year, the Marlins have passed the mark set previously in 2005. Big surprise, the individual leader on the team was Josh Johnson, with five.

Marlins NOT last in MLB attendance* - Fish Strips
* 10,000 of the tickets sold were retro-purchased tickets for those who wanted a piece of the Roy Halladay Perfect Game. Without those tickets, that puts the Marlins at an attendance of 1,413,614 instead of 1,423,614, which would have made them last to the Pirates' 1,418,391.

Rookie hazing, Marlins style - Deadspin
The fact that the link is coming from Deadspin, you know it has to be good (or bad, depending on how you look at it).



Manuel and Minaya are question marks for next year - NY Daily News
The sky is also blue and humans need to breathe air to live.

Jose Reyes cryptically insinuates not being there in 2011 - MetsBlog
Yes you will. If the Mets are stupid oh wait

Carlos Beltran shut down, Mets losers again - NY Daily News
Water covers 93% of the earth and Troy Polamalu covers the rest.

Taking bets for the inevitable Pedro Feliciano arm detachment - MLB
89 appearances, with two games left. Breaks the record of 88 appearances held by . . . himself. And we thought Peter Moylan and Jonny Venters have it bad.

The season is a wash, but Oliver Perez still isn't allowed to start - MLB



And no Phillies links this weekend. Now I'm mad at the Phillies for having their B and C team obliterate us, but it also hasn't changed the fact that too many Phillies trolls are signing up out of the blue to troll, but I won't lie to you guys, I'm mostly feeling genuinely lazy this time, and simply don't feel like posting any.

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