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Braves Graph of the Day: Bobby Cox Is Worth 1000 Words

I know we're all disappointed about what happened last night (or rather, what didn't happen). Let's just try to keep in mind that today is a day of celebration, and that we're still in the driver's seat. In that vein, I present to you this graph. I know a graph can't really sum up Bobby Cox's greatness, but I thought I'd try anyway.


I hope that this is mostly self-explanatory, but just in case: the more green you see, the better the manager. The size of the pie-slices represents the number of wins (in green) and losses (in red). The angle at which they meet represents the winning percentage. You can also easily tell how far above (or below) .500 a manager is by looking at the difference in size between the green and red wedges.

In other words, Bobby Cox is awesome. For some comparative graphs, read on after the jump.

Here are graphs for Bobby's four closest contemporaries (in terms of wins): Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, Lou Piniella, and Jim Leyland.





Let this be my contribution to Bobby Cox Day.

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