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Do Braves Have Interest In Yankees Shortstop Nunez

From Jon Heyman's column on today comes this tidbit:

The Braves have asked about Yankees shortstop prospect Eduardo Nunez. But New York may see him as an heir apparent to Derek Jeter (in a year or two, anyway), so its decision not to include him in a potential Cliff Lee trade is a bit more understandable.

Heyman's description of Nunez as a prospect and an heir apparent to Jeter is a bit of a stretch. Nunez is good defensively, but probably won't hit enough in the Majors to be anything more than a utility player. This could be a sign that the Braves are trying to acquire a more capable backup defensive infielder for next year's team. This is something I listed last week as one of the more important needs for the Braves this off-season.

Nunez has good speed and has shown good defensive ability at all the infield positions. With an aging Jeter, it seems like it would be hard to pry him away from the Yankees, and he's not someone who the Braves should overpay for.

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