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Braves' Search for Hitting Coach Nearing an End?

According to multiple reports, it appears as if the Braves are narrowing their list of potential hitting coaches and could make a decision in the next few days. Former Marlins hitting coach Jim Presley was named a finalist for the open spot earlier today, but the Braves will interview at least one or two more candidates before making a decision. Presley played seven seasons in the Major Leagues and even spent the 1990 season in Atlanta. He was an All-Star in 1986, but not too much became of his career after that.

Presley was named the Marlins hitting coach in December of 2005 and served three and a half seasons in Florida before being fired this past summer. It's certainly tough to gage the Marlins offense under Presley as a good majority of us only watched them sparingly, but it's safe to say that the Marlins certainly had a solid offense during Presley's tenure.

As you read above, the Braves will at least interview "one or two more candidates" before making a decision. We haven't heard who any of these other candidates are, but I'm sure we'll know in the very short future. It is safe to say that Don Baylor (who I had seen mentioned multiple times as a possible replacement for Terry Pendleton) won't be named our hitting coach, as he took the job in Arizona with the DBacks.

More to come in the upcoming days as the Braves look to complete their coaching staff.

(H/T: ROBravo for originally posting the story.)

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