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Analyzing the Giants' Defense

This Giants team is built around solid starting pitching and a great bullpen. Great pitching will obviously help your defense, especially when you strike out as many batters as the Giants do. However, as good as their pitching is, it cannot mask their defensive problems.

Of the seven positions ranked by Dewan’s +/-, the Giants have just two players in the top ten at their respective positions. Andres Torres is tied for tenth in right field -- he primarily plays centerfield now –- and Aubrey Huff is tied for ninth at first base.

The Giants have a good amount of Melky-esque bodies around the field. Torres is the only player who would even pass the eye test as an above average fielder. Nearly all of Pat Burrell’s and Jose Guillen’s defensive value being encompassed in their arms. Juan Uribe and Pablo Sandoval make for one of the heaviest left sides of the infield I can ever recall, and the converted third basemen, Freddy Sanchez, has posted just above average career range numbers at second base.

Simply making contact could prove to be extremely beneficial for the Braves this series. The limited range on the left side of the infield and the two corner outfield spots may hurt them in a short five game series.

The Giants actually rank second in the majors in UZR/150, but the quality of UZR compared to Dewan’s +/- is rather vast, in my opinion. Neither stat is perfect, nor near it, but +/- usually portrays a more accurate picture. The Giants are, at best, a bit below an average defensive team. 

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