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Braves Dissent Of The Day ... We Are Apparently Bourgeoisie Swine

I one hundred percent love way that Grant at McCovey Chronicles blogs, even when he insults you it's hilarious. I only wish I had one tenth the crazy humorous writing ability that he has. One of the things I will enjoy most about this Braves - Giants series is reading his daily rabble. Here is his latest:

My distaste for the Braves is rooted in a couple of things:

They’ve been good for several decades now. When their franchise-type catcher gets old, they put an ad on Craigslist and get another one within a week. When they give a big deal to an ex-Oakland ace, it works out. When they get rid of Andruw Jones, he craters. When they keep Chipper Jones, he just puts up fantastic season after fantastic season. They’ve had two seasons under .500 in the past twenty years. Seriously, that’s a bunch of nonsense. What a bunch of bourgeoisie swine. Spread it around, you jackals.

He goes on to list what he sees as his most annoying Braves of the past 20 years, reserving a special spot at number-7 for ... wait for it ... Melvin Nieves. Even if Braves fans have forgotten that name, Grant has not. Nieves was the "key piece" of likely the most important trade deadline deal ever when we flipped him and two other neveramountedtoanything prospects for the Crime Dog in 1993 -- then caught the Giants to win the NL West, despite San Fran winning 103 games. That crazy race had a lot to do with the creation of the Wild Card ... the next year. That probably just makes Giants fans even more bitter.

Or maybe they're bitter because the four times they've made the playoffs since the Wild Card came into existence, they've been beaten by the Wild Card team each time.

1997:  Lost NLDS to Marlins
2000:  Lost NLDS to Mets
2002:  Lost World Series to Angels
2003:  Lost NLDS to Marlins

Three times the team they lost to has won the World Series.

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