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Braves Offense Just Got A Whole Lot Uggla

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Dan Uggla will bring his intensity to Turner Field too.
Dan Uggla will bring his intensity to Turner Field too.

I've been wanting to write that headline since I thought of it two minutes ago. The Atlanta Braves have traded All-Star utility infielder Omar Infante and rookie reliever Mike Dunn to the Florida Marlins for power hitting second baseman Dan Uggla. This brings a player who has hit more home runs each of the last four years than any member of the current Braves roster.

With a power hitter once again atop the list of the Braves off-season needs, Frank Wren wasted no time filling that need on the first day of the GM Meetings in Orlando. He acquires that power hitter without giving up any of the Braves coveted prospects, and only opening up a hole at the utility infield position -- a spot that should be easily filled.

While the Braves already have a second baseman in All-Star Martin Prado, they add another All-Star second baseman and Silver Slugger in Uggla. Prado's ability to play third base will provide insurance against another injury to Chipper Jones, and if Chipper is healthy, Prado should shift to left field and will fill in at first base, helping ease rookie Freddie Freeman's transition into the Major Leagues.

What a freakin' steal the Braves just got! Uggla will get a big arbitration award (if the Braves don't decide to sign him long term). Either way he will make around $10 million next year. Infante is slated to make $2.5 million, so the Braves added around $7 million to their payroll, still likely leaving anywhere from $5 to $10 million to sign other free agents or trade for other players.